Game Profiler

This small game design utility (to the right) randomly generates the basic details of a game. It is a jumping board for one’s imagination and an exercise in exploring beyond the typical game box. The concept for it came to me as I was experimenting with different combinations of game mechanics and elements. I now use it as a tool to piece together basic ideas for a games which can be then edited and refined. If one ponders each profile and its inferences, one can consider many different possible games - some will work, a few may not. Not all may be deemed "fun", but with some polish most can be.

These profiles are not tied to any particular technology. Each result can be developed for any analog or digital format. Some profiles are more feasible to some formats than others, but these game ideas can be reproduced in any format with appropriate adjustments.

Also, these profiles say nothing about the story context, if any, of a game. For instance, any one of them can be a historical fantasy, a far future space opera, a contemporary simulation, or an abstract contest of shapes -- or any I have not mentioned that influence the visual and any other media of the game.

This utility was is scripted in JavaScript using HTML with CSS.

With Version 1.1, I have weighted certain details for a better market fit.

The options in this utility are not exhaustive of the many different elements which make up games. They were curated after I have researched different game deign ideas, especially different game mechanics. There will be different versions of this utility scripted, especially as I learn more about games and their design.

A number of sources influenced this tool. They are cited below the tool on its page.

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