Concerning Me

Benjamin A. Miller

I am Benjamin A. Miller.

I have experiences in computer information systems, web site development, writing, editing, computer graphics, music, theater, sound engineering, communications, bookkeeping. food service and games. I have a B.A. in English (UW 1983, Creative Writing emphasis), a Certification in Computer Information Systems (NSCC 1990), a Certification in Fiction Writing (UW Extension, SF/F, 1994) and a B.S. in Game Design (Full Sail University 2020).

I have played percussion, piano and other keyboard instruments since the 1970s. I experiment with MIDI and other digital audio. Much of my early life was around even on the stage. I know Photoshop and other graphics software. I enjoy coding and scripting, mostly with HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python and a few other computer languages. While I use the Unity 3D game engine when developing games, I also am familiar with Unreal Engine and other game software.

I bring all my various experience, skills and knowledge together in my small business, BAM Works/Webcraft.

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This Studio

As BAM Works/Webcraft, I am an independent, freelance contractor. I have provided web site design, development and maintenance services to small businesses, creative and educational enterprises and individuals who desire a personal, handcrafted touch to their online needs. I know how to create responsive web design for different devices as well as with content systems like WordPress. I can still do web related projects. Please inquire if you are interested.

While I can do web related projects (Please inquire if you are interested), currently, I am expanding BAM Works/Webcraft to offer games I design and my game related skills, such as game design, level design, object development, scripting, and play testing. With my own projects, I am focusing on adventure games, expecially those delivered or played via the World Wide Web.

Good games often take a team of people to produce. Depending on the project, I may recruit others to partipate with the development of the games here. Also, I offer myself to you if you have game projects and would like my assistance. I remain open to the game genre or media you prefer, looking forward to help you achieve your goals even as I pursue mine.

Benjamin A. Miller

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Past Projects

For my current game industry portfolio.

For some of my past website projects.

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If you have feedback, questions, concerns or wish to query me concerning a project, please, type this into the TO field of your message:

The mailto link has been removed from the email above to make it more challenging for non-human bots. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but if you can and choose to play along with my technical game here, then I am more likely to respond.

In the future, I may add a contact form.

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This Site

This site is crafted using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I designed this website to be as simple as possible, providing information and wrapping any games and other media I may post. Also, this site is set up to be responsive (able to adjust its web pages) to your different viewing devices.

Unobvious media used in this site (like the W3C buttons and the Network Services icon below) are:

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Site Map

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