For Games

While I explore and increase my knowledge and skills while creating games, I can also assist your project with any of the following:

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For The Web

I can do any of the following for your web project:

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If you have feedback, questions, concerns or wish to query me concerning a project, please, type this into the TO field of your message:

The mailto link has been removed from the email above to make it more challenging for non-human bots. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but if you can and choose to play along with my technical game here, then I am more likely to respond.

In the future, I may add a contact form.

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In the future, I will have an option here (and the web form or links) to pay for my services or for any games I provide here through my PayPal account. In the meantime, as appropriate, contact me to make any arrangements.

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